Annual Pat Covelli Foundation Super Bowl Pool

There will be two grids this year, one grid where each box is $100 and one grid where each box is $50. The rules are simple and are as follows. 100 boxes are sold at $100 each. And 100 boxes are sold at $50 each. In your responding email make sure to specify which grid you'd like your box in. 

Attached are the two grids, fill them out with your selections and email or fax your choices back.

$50 Grid   and    $100 Grid

There will be a winner after each Super Bowl quarter based upon how the quarter-end score responds to the boxes chosen. For example, if the score at the end of the 1st quarter is Seattle 10, New England 7, the person controlling the Seattle "0" (last digit of 10) and the New England "7" intersecting box on the grid will win $1000 in the 100$ grid and 500$ in the 50$ grid. 

Success in this type of pool requires no football knowledge and results are entirely random, so everyone is invited to participate, to have fun, and hopefully win!

The payout schedule is as follows:

One half of the funds raised from this year's Super Bowl Pool will go to the Pat Covelli Foundation. The remaining funds are distributed to the winners of each quarter as per the following schedule:

                   100$ Grid                                                                          $50 Grid

1st Quarter Score Winner   $1000                                 1st Quarter Score Winner  $500

2nd Quarter Score Winner $1000                                  2nd Quarter Score Winner $500

3rd Quarter Score Winner  $1000                                  3rd Quarter Score Winner  $500

Final Score Winner              $2000                                  Final Score Winner           $1000

If you're interested in participating, please put your name in the boxes you'd like to purchase and email the grid to at your earliest convenience (boxes are limited and tend to sell fast). Please include your name, the exact number of boxes you'd like and then send a check made payable to 

Pat Covelli Foundation

47-09 36th Street

Long Island City, NY, 11101

Request for specific boxes will be honored on a first come, first serve basis. The assignment for boxes is an entirely random process so if your specific box is not available, a box will be randomly chosen for you. 

Thank you for participation, your generosity, and continued support!