2018 March Madness

No Expertise Needed - Make Your Picks Online!

The procedures and rules are as follows:

Click HERE and you will be guided through the process for joining the pool, including registering on the website if you haven't registered before. 

You will receive an email confirmation that your picks have registered. Then sit back and enjoy the game time updates!

If you have any questions about the pool rules or format email john@paddylee.com. If this is your first year participating need the Pool ID# and Pool Entry Code they are shown below.

Pool ID: 125071

Pool Entry Code: NCAA 

There is a minimum donation of $50 per entry. Please enter as many times as you'd like. 

Please make your checks payable to 

Pat Covelli Foundation

47-09 36th Street

Long Island City, NY, 11101

Half of the proceeds raised will go directly to the Foundation. The other half will go to the winners in the following manner:

50% to the 1st Place Winner

20% to the 2nd Place Winner

10% to the 3rd Place Winner

8% to the 4th Place Winner

6% to the 5th Place Winner

6% to the person finishing LAST

(Legit Entries only! That is, no obvious attempts to lose such as picking all #16 seeds to win. The legitimacy of any such entry will be determined by the Foundation.)

NCAA Pool Game Point Distribution

5 Points for each first round game picked correctly

20 Bonus Points for any correctly 12th seeded or lower team winning a 1st round game. This bonus continues for any 12th to 16th seeded teams that continue to advance throughout each round. 

15 Points for each regional semi-final game picked correctly

20 Points for each semi-final game picked correctly 

25 Points for each correctly picked final four game

50 points for correctly choosing the overall winner

This NCAA pool is open to all, so please encourage your friends and family to play!

Thank you for your continued support and Good Luck!